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Viaggiatori Armonici

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Viaggiatori Armonici


Viaggiatori Armonici is an unconventional music ensemble composed of young and eclectic musicians, the ensemble repertoire is vast, and it freely moves within the music panorama, regardless the latitude, longitude, the period or music genre. It ranges from John Dowland to Peter Gabriel, from new contemporary compositions to traditional music and all pieces are arranged by Carlos Coelho, with a well-minded chamber music perspective.

Through the years the ensemble developed its unique sound by blending the sonority of several folks, electric and classical instruments. Indeed, each one of the 12 "viaggiatori" plays a different instrument, contributing to the creation of a dynamic and innovative musical texture in each piece.

Andy Irivine

Viaggiatori Armonici meet Andy Irvine

VA & Andy Irvine.jpg

On the stage of Viaggiatori Armonici you can breathe the atmosphere of Irish music with the special participation of one of its greatest performers, Andy Irvine!

The project features the most famous pieces of Mr. Irvine's vast repertoire such as Arthur McBride, My Heart Tonight in Ireland, Never Tired of the Road, and many others tailored for the ensemble.

Easily comparable to the ancient bards and storytellers of the Irish tradition, Andy Irvine is a living legend, a pioneer of World Music, and an icon for traditional music. Tireless musician, he is engaged in a never-ending succession of concerts throughout all of the world, from Japan to the United States, from Europe to Australia.



Viaggiatori Armonici meet Arup Kanti Das

A concert with Oriental hues made possible thanks to the participation of the Indian tabla player Arup Kanti Das.

Since the 1960s artists such as The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys have enriched their songs with colorful elements of  the Indian music. In this concert, Viaggiatori Armonici offer a repertoire of pop authors influenced by this trend.

The programme consists of music by Peter Gabriel, the Beatles Penguin Cafe Orchestra, George Harrison, L.N. Shankar, Pat Metheny, C.C. Coelho, and P.R. Sarkar.

Born in Calcutta, Arup Kanti took tabla lessons from the legendary maestro Pandit Shyamal Bose. The classical music education and subsequently his experiences across Europe with pop and jazz music make him an eclectic and refined percussionist, able to adapt to different musical genres.


Viaggiatori Armonici meet Fernando Deghi

“Violeiro” Fernando Deghi is one of the most respected Brazilian composers who write for 10-string Brazilian viola. His masterpieces are performed by several virtuosos of this instrument, whose origins trace back to Baroque and Renaissance guitars.

The strong collaboration between Viaggiatori Armonici and Fernando Deghi gives birth to a concert whose main protagonist is the Brazilian viola.

The acoustic sounds travel from Renaissance music to a less-known Brazil: the programme includes compositions by Claudio Monteverdi, John Dowland, Adelmo Arcoverde, and Fernando Deghi himself.

Born in São Paulo in 1962, he started his classical guitar studies at fourteen, undertaking a brilliant solo career. During the 90s he fell in love with the 10-string viola and began to completely dedicate himself to it, therefore contributing to create and spread a concert repertoire.


Viaggiatori Armonici meet Daniel Migliavacca

Always looking for new and creative musical challenges, little orchestra Viaggiatori Armonici invites Brazilian mandolin virtuoso Daniel Migliavacca.

In this concert the ensemble offers a repertoire connected to the traditional Brazilian authorial music, interpreting composers as César Guerra-Peixe, Dominguinhos, Fabiano Tiziu, as well as compositions by Migliavacca himself and Carlos C. Coelho.

This kaleidoscopic project allows Viaggiatori Armonici to colour themselves with new musical timbres and rhythms inspired by South America.

Born in São Paulo, Daniel Migliavacca is a Brazilian mandolin virtuoso who, at the age of just 35, has asserted himself as instrumentalist, arranger, composer, music director and producer. His musical language includes jazz and Brazilian, classical and contemporary music. He collaborates on stage and in the recording studio with illustrious names: Yamandú Costa, Hamilton de Olanda, Marcel Powell, Toninho Ferraguti are just some of the examples.

Storie d'Inverno

Storie d'Inverno - Winter Show

Since 2012, during Advent period, Viaggiatori Armonici have been offering a programme with a clear Christmas denotation: traditional English choral carols and compositions gained from the world’s cultural heritage carry us into a Christmas atmosphere, in the name of a mutual spirituality.

A charming and suspended atmosphere, where the listener is fully immersed in the perfect sound of the Christmas spirit.

Part of the programme can be found in “Storie d’Inverno”, an album recorded by the ensemble in 2017.

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