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Viaggiatori Armonici is an unconventional music ensemble composed of young and eclectic musicians. Established in 2012, it is a small orchestra playing different types of guitars, flutes, and a series of unusual instruments.  Indeed, each one of the 12 “viaggiatori” plays a different instrument, contributing to the creation of a dynamic and innovative musical texture in each piece. 

The ensemble repertoire is vast, and it freely moves within the music panorama,  from new contemporary compositions to traditional music and all pieces are arranged by Carlos Coelho, with a well-minded chamber music perspective

As the ensemble plays very actively along the year, it gained experience from many concerts in different important theatres, halls and churches in Italy and Brazil. Moreover, the group established many collaborations by developing projects with renowned musicians from different countries and with various musical backgrounds.

In 2017 Viaggiatori Armonici released their first CD, “Storie d’Inverno” . The album contains a selection of winter-inspired works from different composers around the world.

Between 2018 and 2019 the ensemble, in joint venture with the Brazilian songwriter Vadeco Schettini, recorded a second CD “A Semente Que Virou Pássaro”.

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