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Arthur McBride (2024) - single

arthur_mcbride_cd cover.jpg

"Arthur McBride," a classic Irish folk anti-war ballad, gets a fresh interpretation by Viaggiatori Armonici & Andy Irvine.

Renowned artists like Paul Brady, Planxty with Andy Irvine, Bob Dylan, and Rufus Wainwright have all covered this iconic song. In this latest iteration, Viaggiatori Armonici blends its unique sound with the timeless charm of Andy Irvine's mandola, harmonica, and vocals.


Love Parade (2023)

copertina CD - Love Parade .jpg

The third album by the ensemble is a masterpiece of original inspired music that elevates the group to new heights of artistry. The CD contains mainly compositions by Carlos da Costa Coelho and two works written specifically for the group by Brazilian musicians Daniel Migliavacca and Fabiano Silveira.


The album's arrangements, recording, and interpretation are all top-notch, and it is clear that Viaggiatori Armonici knows exactly what they are doing. The group's unique sound is perfectly captured on Love Parade, with its blend of classical and world influences.

The album features both classical instruments and acoustic guitars, played by classically trained musicians performing non-classical tunes.



A Semente Que Virou Pàssaro (2019)

A Semente Que  Virou Pássaro - cd cover

A Semente Que Virou Pássaro ("The Seed That Became a Bird”) is a collaborative album by the Italian ensemble Viaggiatori Armonici and the Brazilian songwriter Vadeco Schettini.

Recorded in five different studios in Italy and Brazil, the album features compositions by Vadeco, Carlos Coelho, and a portuguese version of the Brian Wilson classic "God Only Knows."

The album was arranged by Coelho and produced by Andrea Lombardini and Coelho itself.

The album features a cast of 27 musicians, including the great Italian jazz bassist Paolino Dalla Porta, the Indian tabla player Arup Kanti Das, the eclectic Brazilian clarinetist Sergio Albach, and the euphonium master Fernando Deddos.

Storie d'Inverno (2017)


Storie d’Inverno is a collection of winter-themed compositions from the Italian ensemble Viaggiatori Armonici. The album features a diverse range of musical traditions, from the crepuscular English carols to the typical sounds of India, passing through South American compositions from Chile and Brazil.

The album's title, which translates to "Winter Stories," reflects the album's journey through different musical cultures and the stories that each piece has to tell. The album's opening track, “The Wind of Yule" is a haunting and atmospheric rendition of the traditional Ukrainian carol.

Storie d'Inverno is a beautiful and evocative album that celebrates the diversity of winter music from around the world. It is a perfect album to listen to on a cold winter night, or to simply enjoy the beauty of the season.

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