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Viaggiatori Armonici - 2023

"Viaggiatori Armonici" are eclectic musicians who offer original music with unique and engaging sounds.

Founded in Treviso in 2012 by guitarist and composer Carlos da Costa Coelho, the group has a track record of numerous concerts in Italy and abroad, multiple videos and CDs released, a documentary, and prestigious collaborations.

Free from style and era limitations, Viaggiatori Armonici embraces the music of composers from various nationalities and epochs, with a particular focus on traditional music and compositions by new authors. Each piece has an original musical texture and captivates audiences of all ages and musical tastes.

On the stage of this small orchestra, you will find over 40 instruments used in carefully crafted compositions and arrangements specifically written for this ensemble by Carlos Coelho.

"The group has released three recordings: 'Storie d'Inverno,' produced by Andrea Lombardini (2017), now in its second reprint, 'A Semente Que Virou Pássaro' (2019), and 'Love Parade,' released in December 2022.

In 2023, adocumentary titled 'Iperreale' was produced, directed by filmmaker Fernando Cavazotti, which tells the story of the group's first tour in Brazil in 2019.

The ensemble collaborates in concerts and recordings with international artists such as Fernando Deghi, master of the 10-string Brazilian viola, Arup Kanti Das, Indian tabla player and percussionist, the legendary Irish minstrel Andy Irvine, and the eclectic Brazilian mandolinist Daniel Migliavacca, to name a few.

Summer 2023 marks the realization of the "Love Parade Brasil Tour," where Viaggiatori Armonici are engaged in presenting their new album in prestigious theaters and festivals in southern Brazil.

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