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Viaggiatori Armonici


A concert by the Viaggiatori Armonici is an immersion in the universe of music, a sonic journey through the languages of composers from the 500s to the present day. Free from the limitations of genre and period, they uniquely embrace the music of composers of different nationalities and periods, from John Dowland to Peter Gabriel, with a focus on the compositions of new composers and traditional music.

On the stage of this small orchestra are more than 40 instruments used in the careful arrangements written especially for this ensemble by Carlos Coelho. An original musical texture is reserved for each piece so that the music-loving audience has no chance to get tired.

Viaggiatori Armonici invitano Andy Irvine

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On the Harmonic Travellers stage the atmosphere of Irish music is alive with the special participation of one of its greatest interpreters: Andy Irvine!
The project features the most famous songs from Mr. Irvine's vast repertoire such as Arthur McBride, My Heart Tonight in Ireland, Never Tire of the Road, and many others arranged for the ensemble.


Easily comparable to the ancient bards and wandering storytellers of the Irish tradition, Andy Irvine is a living legend, a pioneer of World Music, and an icon for traditional music. A tireless musician, always engaged in a continuous succession of concerts ranging from Japan to the United States, Europe to Australia.



Viaggiatori Armonici invitano Arup Kanti Das

A concert with shades of the Orient featuring the special participation of Indian tablist Arup Kanti Das. 
Since the 1960s, artists such as The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys have coloured their songs with elements drawn from the music of India: in this concert, the Viaggiatori Armonici offer a repertoire of pop composers influenced by this trend.
On the programme is music by Peter Gabriel, Beatles Penguin Cafe Orchestra, George Harrison, L.N. Shankar, Pat Metheny, C.C. Coelho and P.R. Sarkar.
Born in Calcutta, Arup Kanti follows the teachings of the legendary master Pandit Shyamal Bose. His classical training and later experiences in Europe with pop and jazz make him an eclectic and refined percussionist, capable of inserting himself in different musical contexts with originality.


Viaggiatori Armonici invitano Fernando Deghi

The 'violeiro' Fernando Deghi is one of the most respected Brazilian composers writing for the Brazilian 10-string viola.  His works are performed by several virtuosos of this instrument that has its origins in Baroque and Renaissance guitars. 

The well-established artistic collaboration between the Viaggiatori Armonici and Fernando Deghi gives rise to a concert where the Brazilian viola is the protagonist. 
The acoustic sounds travel from European Renaissance music to a lesser explored Brazil: the programme includes compositions by Claudio Monteverdi, John Dowland, Adelmo Arcoverde and Fernando Deghi himself.


Born in Sao Paulo in '62, he began his studies with the classical guitar at the age of 14, embarking on a brilliant solo career. In the 1990s, he fell in love with the 10-string viola, dedicating himself completely to it and contributing to creating and disseminating a concert repertoire.


Viaggiatori Armonici invitano Daniel Migliavacca

Always looking for new and creative musical challenges, the small orchestra Viaggiatori Armonici invites the virtuoso Brazilian mandolin player Daniel Migliavacca. 

In this concert, the ensemble proposes a repertoire related to Brazilian authoritative and traditional music, interpreting composers such as: César Guerra-Peixe, Dominguinhos, Fabiano Tiziu, as well as compositions by Migliavacca himself and Carlos C. Coelho.
This kaleidoscopic project brings the Viaggiatori Armonici to colour new timbres and rhythms with inspirations from South America.


Born in São Paulo, Daniel Migliavacca is a virtuoso Brazilian mandolin player who at only 35 years of age has established himself as an instrumentalist, arranger, composer, conductor and music producer. His language encompasses jazz, Brazilian, classical and contemporary music.  

He collaborates on stage and in the recording studio with illustrious names such as Yamandú Costa, Hamilton de Holanda, Marcel Powell, Toninho Ferraguti, to name but a few.

Storie d'Inverno

Storie d'Inverno - Concerto di Natale

Since 2012, during the Advent season, the Viaggiatori Armonici have been offering a programme with a clear Christmas denotation: carols from the English choral tradition and compositions drawn from the world's cultural heritage transport us into the Christmas atmosphere, in the name of a common spirituality.  

An evocative and suspended atmosphere, in which the listener is immersed in the perfect sonority of the Christmas Spirit.

Part of the programme is collected on the CD 'Winter Stories', recorded by the ensemble in 2017.

Andy Irivine
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